Thursday, April 18, 2013


So we all know killerorange the awesome producer of honcast, well everything dosent seem to be so fine. We heard that s2 said he was going to another job which is now 100 % lie. I chought this in a stream chatt and it semse that s2 and milkfat are the biggest retards in esport right now. No wonder the vegas event was shit, kicking a guy like killerorange is retarded and they paid for it. And a nother funny sidenote is that is s2 really that stupid to hire Scott valenica hes the biggest retard in the esport history. (google hes name and youll know why) ROFL even the fact that he wants to hire orange and breaky makes me lol. Hope to see you at dreamhack Scott well have a litle talk in the dark forest only you and me. Shady shady s2 you cant go behind the communitys back saying organe left on hes own everything will come up one day and you will look even more like idiots.

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  2. Pew actually finding something legit and juicy? Bra jobbat mannen.